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If you or a loved one are charged with a crime, it is a time of great anxiety. You may be wondering if you will go to jail and how a criminal record will affect your life. Attorney Neil F. Faigel has more than 30 years of experience representing individuals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the Federal Courts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Attorney Faigel has represented individuals arrested and charged in a wide variety of offenses, including, but not limited to, drug crimes, white collar offenses, sex offenses, domestic violence, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, motor vehicle offenses, insurance fraud and violations of probation. Attorney Faigel is diligent in his representation and leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure that his clients obtain the best possible result in their case. Attorney Faigel is conveniently located at 10 Main Street, Suite L - 2, Andover, Ma. He routinely serves his clients criminal defense needs throughout the greater Boston area.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is separate and apart from Civil Law. Criminal Law is a system of laws that deal with the punishment of individuals (and sometimes corporations) who commit crimes. A crime is any act or omission that is in violation of a law. Each state, including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has its own criminal code. At the same time, Congress has enacted federal Criminal Law. Crimes can be grouped into four categories: felonies, misdemeanors, inchoate offenses and strict liability offenses.

For over 30 years Andover criminal defense lawyer Neil F. Faigel has successfully defended individuals accused of crimes in the Massachusetts state and Federal Court as well as the Federal Courts of New Hampshire and Maine. Attorney Faigel represents clients at all phases of the criminal justice system. This includes the early, investigative phase, Grand Jury investigations, Clerk Magistrate Hearings, pretrial discovery and motion practice, trials, motions for new trials, sentencing, violations of probations along with any number of scenarios that arise when an individual is accused and charged with a crime.

Criminal defense has always been at the core of Attorney Faigel's practice. He routinely handles criminal defense cases ranging from misdemeanors in the state district courts to Federal Court prosecutions. Attorney Faigel's more than 30 years of courtroom experience allows him to combine his well-earned expertise with a dedication to representing those accused of a crime.

If you have been charged with a crime in the state court or federal court or you would like to discuss a legal matter involving a possible crime, please contact attorney Neil F. Faigel as soon as possible for a free consultation. It is imperative that you have a seasoned and experienced defense attorney to advise you as early as possible.

Drug Crimes

Attorney Faigel has over 30 years of experience handling all types of drug - related offenses. His experience ranges from lower level misdemeanor offenses to felony drug offenses in both State and Federal Court. Common offenses include trafficking (selling) controlled substances, illegal manufacture of drugs, illegal possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and possession of a controlled substance or related paraphernalia.

In Massachusetts, and elsewhere, the impact of even a minor drug related crime can be severe due to the harsh and strict state and federal drug laws. Potential penalties vary depending on the offense, the amount of drugs involved, the type of drug involved and location of the alleged drug sale. A conviction for a drug related crime can result in serious penalties, including jail, the inability to obtain employment, or find housing. Remember that the charges and the facts of each case dictate how the case should be defended. In some cases, Attorney Neil F. Faigel may be able to get a defendant into a drug diversion program. Attorney Faigel may be able to argue that evidence seized by police should not be allowed as evidence in the case because the search of the person, building or vehicle involved was in violation of the Constitution. These are just some examples of the methods used by Attorney Faigel.

Federal Crimes

In his over 30 years of practice before the United States Federal District Court, Andover criminal defense lawyer Neil F. Faigel has represented clients in all of the federal courts of Massachusetts, as well as clients facing federal charges in the District of New Hampshire, the District of Maine and the District of Rhode Island. You might find yourself charged in the United States Federal District Court for any number of offenses. With his years of experience, federal criminal defense Attorney Neil Faigel has represented dozens of individuals that have been charged with Mail and Wire Fraud, Mortgage and Bank Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Identity Fraud, Drug Smuggling, Possession / Distribution of Controlled Substances, Gun Crimes, Tax Fraud, Conspiracy and Illegal Reentry.

You should not face a federal charge on your own. The federal government has unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute you. Through federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, IRS, Secret Service and the Dept. of Homeland security, the federal government can focus in on almost every aspect of an individual's everyday life. There may come a time when the FBI or another governmental agency contacts you to ask about a friend, relative or colleague. You should not talk to them without an attorney. You my not even realize that you are under investigation. If a federal agent does contact you, contact federal criminal Attorney Neil Faigel to protect your rights.

Federal investigations are complex and serious. Often Federal investigations take months and sometimes years. Federal agents are thorough and aggressive when building a case against an individual. If you are in any way suspicious that the federal government may be investigating you then it is time to consult with an attorney that is experience in handling federal court cases. Only an experienced federal defense attorney such as Attorney Faigel can ensure that your rights are protected and aggressively defend you against the federal government.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes such as rape, indecent assault and battery on a child, aggravated sexual assault, statutory rape, assault with intent to rape, possession of child pornography, human trafficking and prostitution have heavy penalties such as prison, restitution to the victim, and registration in the sex offender database. Allegations made from another person can impact a person's life leading to divorce, losing custody of a child, losing a job as well as losing one's reputation. These allegations stick for life. Criminal defense Attorney Neil F. Faigel has defended countless individuals that have been charged with sex crimes in Andover as well as many other cities and towns in Massachusetts. Andover sex crimes attorney Neil Faigel understands the devastation and impact that theses charges can bring. Attorney Faigel will ensure that any flaws in the allegations against his clients are brought to light. Attorney Faigel will ensure that your side of the story is told persuasively and effectively. He will advocate for you through each step of the process.

Accusers often misinterpret a situation. Or, they mistakenly identify the wrong person. Sometimes they even lie. Many times, Attorney Faigel will work with an investigator to investigate the crime scene, the accuser and witnesses. If an accuser or a witness is not credible, or has a bias, he will uncover it. 

Polygraph tests, commonly known as lie detectors, are not usually admissible in a Massachusetts criminal trial. But private polygraph test can be a useful tool for fighting a Massachusetts sex crimes case. If the test shows that his client is telling the truth, Attorney Faigel may, depending on the circumstances, show the results to the prosecutor. Sometimes, this leads to the prosecutor dropping the case or reducing the charges.

Once convicted of a sex crime there is no turning back. The stigma attached to a conviction or even just a simple charge that is ultimately dismissed will, in this day and age, follow you forever. For this reason, you require a skilled defense attorney. Someone who has defended a multitude of individuals accused of sex crimes. Attorney Faigel is often retained early on in these types of cases. In this manner, his clients stand the best chance of turning the allegations back and resolving the case in the most favorable way for his client.

This is especially true today, in the "me too" movement. Often times allegations are made against an individual that go back years and sometimes decades in time. More often than not, the sexual misconduct is rarely witnessed by anyone other than the accuser. Often, there is no other evidence except for the accuser's allegation. If you are charged with a sex crime or are being investigated for a possible sex crime it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Andover criminal defense attorney Neil F. Faigel has over 30 years of experience defending those accused of sex crimes. You should consult Attorney Faigel and allow him to build a strong case against the prosecution.

Domestic Violence

In Massachusetts, it is a crime for an individual to commit domestic violence, which includes physical harm, attempts to cause physical harm, inflicting fear of imminent serious physical harm, and involuntary sexual relations between family and household members. Family and household members include people who are or were married, are or were living together, are related by blood or marriage, have children together, and are dating or have dated. You can be arrested if the police have probable cause to believe that an individual has committed a felony, any misdemeanor that rises to the level of domestic abuse, or assault and battery against a family or household member. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for domestic violence contact Attorney Faigel, a seasoned lawyer with over 30 years of experience representing individuals accused of domestic violence.

Consult a Skillful Criminal Defense Attorney in Andover, Massachusetts

If you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation for committing a crime, it is vitally important to retain an experienced, qualified criminal defense attorney to advocate for you. In many cases, there is much more to the allegation than a simple reading of a police report. Each case has its own nuance. For example, mental health and / or psychological issues may, in some instances, play a major role in a case. Attorney Neil F. Faigel's years of experience give him the confidence in the courtroom and the skills necessary to effectively defend each and every client. Attorney Faigel understands that no two cases are alike. His goal is to achieve the best possible result for his client. If you are interested in speaking with attorney Neil F. Faigel about your case, please call him at (978) 681-9600 or use the contact form.

Client Reviews
I received a letter informing me that I was under investigation for fraud. Attorney Faigel reviewed that facts of the case and implemented a plan of action. As a result, the case was dropped and the investigation ended. He was fair and to the point in all of our discussions. His quick work saved me a lot of time, distress and money. I hired the right attorney. RF
I hired Attorney Faigel after another lawyer told me that there was nothing else he could do on my case and I was going to lose my license for 30 days. Attorney Faigel would not take no for an answer. He was somehow able to get some of the charges dismissed and I was able to keep my license. Without it, I would not have been able to work and would have lost a great deal. I would highly recommend Attorney Faigel. WB
I was involved in a very serious offense that, if convicted of, would have sent me to jail for the rest of my life. Attorney Faigel, through his diligent investigation and contacts with law enforcement, was able to keep me from being charged with a crime. I would recommend him to anyone. He is expensive, but worth every penny. JL
I hired Attorney Faigel for a very serious case. Even though he was expensive, he was well worth every dollar. He kept me informed every step of the way and never promised me anything that he could not deliver on. He saved my husband and our family. HB
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